Bribery Reporting Form

This section to be completed by the person who is reporting bribery, corruption and/or corrupt practice(s)

Any corrupt activity by EmployeeCorporate Hospitality/Gift/Facilitation/Favours/EntertainmentCash Offering/DemandsAny corrupt activity by EmployeeAny corrupt activity by Service ProviderAny corrupt activity by Public Office

(Bribery Reporting tool may also be used anonymously but APEX Shipping Services LLC encourages all interested parties to utilize it in the good faith keeping in view the corporate/business ethics without the fear of retaliation, discrimination/disciplinary action. Any interested party may use any other appropriate mode to report bribery practice(s) such as direct correspondence, telephone call, SMS, email to Mr. Mahmood Ur Rehman, AB | AC Officer, (00971 58 9722726, with support of re-verifiable and/or reproducible evidence). Any Public Office related bribery/corrupt activity may directly be reported to State Audit Institution (SAI) on

This section to be completed by APEX’s AB | AC Officer

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