Ship Chartering

Ship Chartering

When it comes to moving bulk cargo, a ship charter is your best option. Whether you’re shipping crude oil, construction materials, cars, clothing, or anything in between, chartering a ship is the most reliable and affordable method. There are many different types and sizes of commercial vessels, and each is suited to carry a specific type of cargo. This includes container ships, heavy lift ships, tankers, RO-ROs, passenger vessels and more. No matter what you’re looking to ship, Apex Shipping Services will select the vessel to make it happen.

Local and International Ship Charters

Apex Shipping Services specializes in both local ship charters in the Dubai area, and overseas shipping. We offer flexible options for your shipping needs. Our team takes pride in effective communication and timely delivery, and will work directly with you in getting your cargo to its destination. If you need to move cargo or merchandise of any kind, Apex Shipping Services is here to help.

Professional Crew

In keeping with the standards set by our company values, we ensure that all crew tasked with vessel operations and cargo handling is highly trained and experienced. Our charters are manned with the industry’s most knowledgeable and capable crew members who take extreme care in every aspect of shipping, from initial load-on to arrival in port and unloading of cargo. With Apex Shipping Services, you know you’re getting the best in the business.

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