Apex Shipping Welcomes CRI Certification for Anti-Bribery Management System

We are pleased to announce that we’ve recently signed an agreement with Corporate Research and Investigations (CRI Group) and are officially confirmed to implement with ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System certification. ABMS certification allows us to implement our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption program when working with third-party clients throughout the Middle East and also as Third-Party services provider from Shipping Industry. The certification will also enhance the eligibility criteria for Apex Shipping Services LLC to participate in Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) actively.

Why This Matters

CRI Group is a frontrunner in the field of corporate integrity, and their certification gives Apex Shipping an official seal of approval in the way of business ethics. We are proud to have founded this organization on strong ethical values. Being certified by CRI Certification separates us from the crowd and helps us to protect our business dealings from corruption and bribery. The CRI Anti-Bribery Management System Certification means that we have zero tolerance for fraud of any kind, and refuse to work with any individual or business engaged in fraudulent activity.

How Our Certification Benefits You

When you do business with a CRI Certified company like Apex Shipping Services LLC, you know that you’re dealing with people who have your best interests in mind. We have ingrained the Anti-Bribery Management System into our business from the top-down. Every employee is passionate about our company values for providing honest and reliable shipping services. Our employees are highly-trained in spotting corruption and approach all aspects of their job with integrity.

In addition to eliminating bribery and corruption within our organization, Apex Shipping Services will do business only with third-party companies who share our vision. ABMS Certification protects you from risks associated with incompetence and corruption such as lost or damaged cargo and overpriced services. With Apex Shipping, you get a level of courtesy and professionalism that you won’t find anywhere else.

Part of this professional courtesy comes from how we communicate with our clients. We have adopted a transparent communication style, keeping you in-the-loop when it comes to selecting services and shipping, so you have all the knowledge to need to make crucial decisions about your cargo. We bring this level of integrity into every aspect of our business, helping you get the best deal and get your shipment to its destination without hassle.

Constantly Improving

To maintain our high standards of quality and ethics within our business, we believe it is important to look for ways to improve constantly. We’re always fine-tuning our guidelines for ethical and reliable service so we can continue to provide you with the best shipping solutions on the market. While the CRI Certification gives us a very strong foundation, we are building on top of this sturdy business structure going forward. There are many great years ahead of us, and we look forward to serving you with excellence.